Bogart and chess

Humphrey Bogart and chess

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  • In ChessLab database search area, specify Bogart for White Player in ChessLab's historical archives (1485-1990).  Since the default selection is for modern games, you will have to select a second Date range: Historical archives: 1485 -- 1990.   After that, press the Search button. Two games will be returned.  (Other Bogart's games can be found by searching for Bogart as Black.)


You will see that one of the games returned was played in 1951.(Bogart, Humphrey - Bacall, Lauren, 1-0, 1951).  We all know Humphrey Bogart for his legendary portrayal of Rick Blaine, a world-weary ex-freedom fighter who runs a nightclub in Casablanca during the height of World War  II in the movie Casablanca, 1942.  It  became one of the most beloved films in the Hollywood canon, garnering Bogart his first Academy Award nomination as well as an Oscar win in the "Best Picture" category.  

It turns out that Bogart was a very accomplished chess player as well.  (Bogart's rating would probably be equivalent to modern 2100.) His 1951 chess game that you located in the ChessLab's database was played against the actress who played leading roles opposite Bogart in several movies and who also became his wife. 


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