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Play pure Java games online -- board, card games. These are the best free interactive java games online! You can play and chat with players all over the world, make new friends -- our internet games' play rooms are our chat rooms as well! Kibitz, discuss anything, play online with friends. Play online with family no matter how far apart you are!
  • Play chess online and chat. Learn chess basics. View online chess news column by chess master Jude Acers. View Kasparov-World Chess Match.
  • Online checkers and chat. Checkers Basics. Checkers rules.
  • Java gin rummy game online is coming May 2000.
  • Hearts on-line Java card game and Java spades card game online are coming September 2000.
  • Java backgammon game is coming November 2000.
  • Ladder events and tournaments sponsored by Case's Ladder and will be available May 2000.
  • Las Vegas-style internet games and tournaments where players would be able to win prizes will be available before fall 2000.
  • We offer family games -- on our server you can play online with friends and family on-line no matter how far apart you are!
  • We offer competitive games. For competitive players we offer rated games where we maintain the standard rating system and the rating changes with every game played. This way our competitive players can compare their score with other players and win prizes!


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